Cloud Based

"Cloud based" means no special software to be installed, just a web browser such as Edge or Google Chrome and a connection to the Internet.

Quick Implementation

We can offer an implantation service which will add all your locations and custom priorities, allowing a rapid implementation with little disruption or training.

No Crazy Contracts

The modern approach, no long Contracts (30 days) just a monthly charge, the data is always yours and available, even if you cancel the service.

Dedicated Support

24/7 Support from real people with an extensive knowledge of the service.


Built on a proven user-friendly web interface, Task Genius™ is ideal for managing both scheduled, recurring and one-off tasks in your organisation.

Our cloud based approach means no installation or special software is required, just simply an internet connection and a web browser. No need for any visits to your site to upgrade or support the Task Genius service.

Backed up and secure. Ensuring Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is covered. The modern approach, no long Contracts (30 days) just a monthly charge, the data is always yours and available, even if you cancel the service. Virtually no training required for users.

our features

Planned tasks

Create scheduled tasks, such as filter checks or fire alarm Test ensuring all tasks are not forgotten and documentation and instructions are all there in the task. Ability to print out individual tasks or a group of tasks with sign-off on the print out, ideal for operators with out technology.

Reactive Tasks

Reactive task allow reactive calls to be alerted to a team or individual to deal with. No more "I thought i told you about this broken light in room 201" An Email is sent to all the people that the task has been allocated to, a reminder to look at their tasks.

My Tasks

My tasks are just that, a list of the current tasks allocated to you. Nice and easy place to look and see what you need to ba doing. Sort the task by priority, date, name or due date.

Team Tasks

Teams can be created such as an Operation Team, for example, Reception can allocate a task to The Operations team, the team members can then pick up tasks efficiently depending on skills and location etc.

Third Parties

Contractors can be given access to the system, so their tasks can be monitored and updated by them. The contractor only will see their tasks. With a sign-off status the information can be fed to accounts to authorize payment only when the task is complete and signed off.

Custom Priorities

The standard priorities are Low, Medium, High or Critical, but these can be whatever you want to suit your current priority levels.

Multiple Notifications Options

Choose when you or your team are notified about tasks allocated or completed.


Powerful search helps create a knowledge base of tasks, you can easily find old tasks that may help with information to resolve a similar issue.

Quick search

Quick search is a great way to find any task, just start typing and matching tasks will appear.


With an informative dashboard, users are kept up to date of their tasks statuses.Reporting Allows management to report tasks based on task type, location, assignee, status and date range.

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